On Words

With apologies to George Orwell

In this writer’s objective opinion, I am quite sure, indeed, that society au courant has become fixated with the excessive adornment of words – if anything, words have simply become frivolous depictions of matters, masked in different ways (whether the truth is among them, however, is not clear). Words have lost their poignance as a medium due to this phenomenon of pretentious diction; it is not hard to imagine many writers nowadays flipping through thesauruses and selecting a myriad of words to embellish them all over the page (as this writer is guilty of). This, of course, leaves things ever much greatly to be desired for us readers, as we are at the great disposal of these writers with their lack of clarity and brevity, picking up the grains of salt and veritas after them (and even this is hard to distinguish). It seems that in this grand scheme of things, we’ve hit a cul de sac in terms of our language development, and have resorted to abbreviations instead – with the likes of LOL, ROFL used as the status quo in everyday language. This inexorable decline has far-reaching effects – and can be said to extend to the moral degradation of our society. In what way? – you might ask – philosophical works and the recent surge of positive psychology attest to this, with their facetious use of words of happiness to make us feel good – to ever victimise others, or our surroundings – how are we expected to be good when we ourselves are guilty of such travesties of abusing words? Words, as Wittgenstein once said, are pointless as a medium as different words have different meanings to different people – thus we fall into the rhetorical slippery slope argument on how we form knowledge – whether it’s empiricism or Cartesian frameworks. We’ve cooped ourselves into a quandary of sorts, spiralling down the slippery slope and perhaps, if not, never into the light of truth again.

As much as it is unfortunate, it seems that one simply has to read everything written nowadays as satire – as we write contrary to our opinions and beliefs, masked in this heinous multitude of words.

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